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Making diving political...

John - Instructor/Royal Navy
December 23, 2005 at 09:04:25

I agree with Lance's comments about the scuba diver course and I also do the DSD followed by the open water course. I want to know why was the DM mentioned in the article at 30m with a scuba diver in the first place!

My point about making diving political is as follows I have dived with very bad divers from both BSAC and PADI.  I have to live with the majority of diving in the royal navy being bsac and don't even recognise PADI divers.  I disagree with the statment that a diver learns everything with PADI in 4 days - PADI provide a continuing education program. Many of you will state that this is marketing but isn't diving a business also. After all BSAC have club fees and can charge whatever they like for courses (it says so on the BSAC website).

I regard an expierenced diver as having the skills required to dive that area. ie I have never dived at altitude! So all you expierenced divers out there that think there expierenced just because you have 400 logged dives in a quarry, think again. Diving is a fun pastime and we just need to check the European standards to ensure our dive education is good enough, oh BSAC aren't listed!

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