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We need a new forum topic...

Stephen Hensley - Instructor/Instructor-Guide
October 1, 2005 at 14:02:39

This topic is nearing the 6 year mark. There is hardly a valid origional thought on the SCUBA Diver issue. In my opinion, a better subject at this time would be how to improve the dive industry.

Should we allow profit to be the leader, dragging us by a nose ring through the hypocritical mine field of sensational embelishment, questionable ecology and irresponsible saftey.  Irresponsible is a word that could easily be overused, with nearly every dive magazine article sounding like an ad for one of their advertisers products, whether it be product reviews or dive trips.

With the growing web world, there is also growing power to use, or mis-use.  Many (possibly most) divers were heavily influenced by Jacques Cousteau.  In the early days some of his behaiver was ecologically ignorant but he evolved into a better man.

I can imagine that there were a number of calls and letters after the show where they chased an Atlantic Humpback mother and calf with helicoptor, zodiac and the Calipso, resulting in the mother lifting the zodiac out of the water with her back trying to protect her baby.  Today the Cousteau Society is a champion for the ethilogical treatment of the marine environment.

If like minded instructors and divers would take a stand, similar evolution could happen with regard to training agencies, equipment manufacturers and tour operators.  There are ethical "not for profit" training agencies, as well as manufacturers and operators who have better conduct than others.

The truth will set us free, and with the internet we can spread the word.  If you allow DEMA and their co-conspirators to speak for you, you deserve the consequences.

There are many things in the world we cannot change, but we can change the way we deal with the thing we cannot change.

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