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Never buddy with anyone you're not happy with...

Jon L. Wright - PADI Instructor/Diver
July 11, 2005 at 09:50:57

In response to Martin K...

Diving with an unknown quantity is always a challenge. Doing so without ANY prior knowledge is foolhardy. As an instructor/dive guide, I take people diving daily and have had my fair share of heros who grossly overstate their experience and ability. As a responsible dive professional it is up to me to cover my arse and their saftey by making some judgement calls. As a certified autonimous diver, it is down to you to get at least a rudimentary understanding of a new buddies ability and experience before jumping off the back of the boat with them.

As for being forced to buddy with someone, I would say this: who was paying for the dive, as a customer you have a choice, you are well within your rights to tell the resort/dive center where to stick it if you are not happy.

I teach PADI, but chose not to teach some courses, including scuba diver, which I see as pointless. If someone is not prepared to spend 3/4 days to learn, they don't deserve to dive. I also chose not to teach some of the specialities, such as boat diver, as they are purely a badge collecting excercise.

Again, it is all down to personal choice, do I want to dive with this potential muppet, and if not, what do I do about it.

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