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Re: Never dive with a PADI diver...

Martin Scholte - Rescue Diver/Manager
June 16, 2005 at 11:34:37

I really must disagree with this comment and warn against being stereotypical. I was a government trained salvage diver in the UK but moved to the states around 7 years ago. I hadn't done any diving until the beginning of last year when i decided I wanted to get back in the water. I went through the PADI open water course then the advanced right through to Rescue Diver.

My instructor was a guy who owned a store in New York. I have had the opportunity to dive with a lot of people over the years and (my instructor) is probably one of if not the most responsible, knowledgable and experienced divers i have had the pleasure of getting wet with.

Just because of one or two bad experiences with a diver doesn't mean they are all like that, if that was the case then no-one would dive the carribean or gold coast as the horror stories that have come out of there are pretty wild.

I'm currently a member of my local fire department dive team, we have been commended and recognised as one of the most highly trained departments in the upstate area and we are all PADI trained.

Just a little something to think about.

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