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PADI and follow up lessons...

Angela - Open Water/Glass Designer
May 16, 2005 at 11:12:52

I took the PADI Open Water course in Victoria BC (with a local dive shop) and it was great. I took private lessons for a week-end and got the basics. The learning never stops there. I am married to a Dive Master and we buddy up for each dive. Each dive I learn more and that is what it is all about. The key is to be an active diver, knowing your limits, and learning from fellow divers with each dive. I have joined UASBC to keep me active with diving, and keep the interest alive.

My instructor was great, he took the time to answer my questions, assist me with shallow dives and comfort zones I could handle. The UASBC chapter has been an informative group to join, which keeps me actively diving. If you dive once a year on holidays or every few years, I think a person needs to refresh. Refresher courses are ment for that reason. It is your life in your hands and nobody else's responsibility. Diving is a team sport, a buddy system and you can always learn more with each dive, but it is your own responsibility to gain knowledge and apply it.

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