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If you fall in, you're likely to drown...

Guy Manners - Divemaster/Sport Teacher
April 23, 2005 at 07:13:59

Reading all the various letters, it's obvious that those endorsing this "certificate" are ignoring the principles behind teaching and Training, and are maybe just trying to support the "club" (PADI) that they have joined - and don't want to rock the boat. Well they shouldn't because if they fall in they're likely to drown, with this level of "training".

I went on my honeymoon, to Belize - for the Diving - only to find that my PADI certified wife (Scuba Diver) couldn't even snorkel with confidence, and had not the slightest aptitude for diving, so I stayed dry...having flown from the UK.......was I annoyed....!

This type of commercialism is typical of modern times, and must be actively fought against. These PADI "Scuba Divers" cannot (as a rule, but with exceptions) have the knowledge and feeling for the Oceans, necessary to ensure continuing standards of the condition of sites, flora & fish (fauna?), etc etc ... people get the idea "I can do that" and go leaping in, forgetting that there's a REASON behind the training. There's nothing I like more than  taking beginners down, showing them the pleasure in doing it RIGHT; in, basically, behaving like an integral part  of the underwater life, & not as an Alien visitor with the moral attitude of the Romans (sorry, Luigi, I meant the Ancient Romans...).

I guess it's just, that underneath as above the water, tourists and ignorance often go hand in hand; and combined, are a PLAGUE, and DO NOT have to be tolerated in such an endangered environment - education is the ONLY answer.

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