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PADI or not PADI...

Charles Marchegay - Divemaster/Sales Manager
April 1, 2005 at 14:52:50

Hello to All, I am a Padi diver and as such I think that PADI brought something to diving that was not inherently given by the organizations that prevailed 20 years ago: diving should be fun. I will fully agree with most people on the fact that for many Padi divers the absolute maximum depth should be 20 meters. 

I had the chance to be able to get aquainted through friends to the French system of diving, shall I said much more rigourous whereas fitness is a prerequisite in diving . I assure you that the level is superior even at the entry certification level yet are we really enjoying diving? I am not so sure.

Of course as any diver that has broaden its experience knows, fitness is and should be a pre requisite. You will miss it for good if something  goes wrong at the back of a cave or at the botom of your nice wreck resting in 60 meters. Again, my french diver friends took it for granted that I was a bad diver, yet after a few dives with them I became just another diver in their eyes.

All of this to conclude that for me what really teaches you is the experience not PADI, CMAS, SSI ... and choose your school according to the type of diving you will be doing from relaxed no deco to extreme GUE type dives. I have never met any good diver that did not want to expand its diving knowledge. For me there are good and bad instructors in each agencies as there are good and bad doctors. Some people were just never meant to teach and yet do it every day. I have not put my head underwater for about 6 months I am longing for it. I hope you can all dive soon. Salut.

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