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Chris, I do not mistrust PADI divers...

Andre - Experienced Diver/Rubbishman
March 30, 2005 at 11:59:07

Chris i found your (comments) about never diving with PADI certified divers rather pathetic. I am not a great friend of the PADI organisation either, but i do recognise them and the fact that they teach many thousands of divers each year, many of which later become great divers and some that  dive very rarely after certification.

I was first trained by PADI and for the first year i was well aquainted with the tables, but if you gave me one now i would have difficulty in recalling how to use it. Most of us use dive computers once we become hooked on diving and never look at a dive table again unless we stay in the training bussiness of diving.

I am a  technical diver but i was once a Open Water diver and then a Advanced and so on and so on. I wont mention which school i support more then any other, or who i think is best, we all have our own opinions and all have their good points and bad points.

I dive with three gasses but most often with two and wherase i used to make two shorts dives every Saturday on my favorite wreck i now make one big dive. I dont need even a computer or a dive table for this, a simple bottom timer will do the job for me because my bottom time equals my deco time.

I have a dive computer which i wear but should it malfunction i  have no problems as long as i have my  timer on. I do not think you do justice to make such a damming remark about all PADI divers, i cant dive with them simply because my dive method is so different but i do not miss trust them. Everything  is abuot dive time spent underwater just as the  Catain of an aeroplane is judged by his hours of flying.

You cant surely exspect an openwater or even advanced to come running to your  assistance should  you have an incident underwater. Some surely will but its not something you should bank on. As for understanding the medical terms of diving, do you really exspect that from any PADI cert below the rank of Rescue Diver ?

Pre dive buddy checks etc, etc, well most PADI people i know are good at this practice, it's people with years of experiance such as myself who have stopped doing this, perhaps wrongly so. But none of the divers i know with the level or experiance i have ever have a pre dive buddy check before jumping in. With our experiance we all own our own kit and take proper care of it, we know it intimatly and put it on as simply as we put on our socks each morning. But we do usually check each others equipment during our descent, usually we stop at around 6m  just for a minute to check out selves and then give a visual check on our buddies, especially the rebreather users amongst us.

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