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"Basic" is fine with me...

Kenneth - Basic/Programmer
March 18, 2005 at 18:20:20

I'm one of those guys who's hoary old 1971 plastic-sealed paper C-card finally completely unglued and so I asked PADI for a replacement, receiving one which said "Basic". After inquiring others and discovering that it meant I was basically not to be trusted outside of a pool, I was upset to say the least. But I got over it and as long as I could still buy air, I was fine.

Fortunately too, I've never yet come across any dive op which has denied me a seat on a boat; there may have been some understandable interrogation, some discreet monitoring, and maybe even a checkout dive, but they've all been smart enough to figure out an experienced diver when they see one.  Yes, I felt insulted at first, but now I get a kick out of the surprise on people's faces when they read the date of certification and an instructor number in the low hundreds.

If someone looks down at me because of the Basic, fine -- his problem, not mine; there's plenty of other people who don't mind hearing "war-stories" about double-hose regulators and homemade gear.

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