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Responsibility for the job we do...

David M. Hay - Instructor/Scuba Diving Instructor
February 28, 2005 at 23:58:41

I TRAIN divers not PADI, why do we keep blaming agencies for poor instructors? I have never seen any one from PADI headquarters get in the pool and teach my class for me. The instructor has the final say on certification. PADI is the agency that I am a member of "Professional association of diving INSTRUCTORS" am I missing something in the name? Is it not time instructors started to take some responsibility for the job we do and not just follow minimal allowable standards? Is it the fault of PADI or NAUI or SDI when a diver is poorly trained? Yea know if they can do it in two days great, if they cant then do it in 3 or 4 days or 3 months what's the big deal. We as instructors have forgotten, it is the job of the instructor to make em safe and KEEP EM DIVIN taking them past the fist step. We still only teach open water and do nothing to push further education 80% do not go on past open water. I am now about to buy my first dive shop and am stund to find out, that they only teach one dive master class a year. WHAT happened to us as instructors, we have forgotten the part we are to play and have lost that one on one relation ship with the divers we train and look to the agency to keep divers diving.

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