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Maybe the cleaning solutions killed too many brain cells...

Charles Willis - Instructor SDI & PADI/Information Specialist II
October 25, 2004 at 10:59:05

If you read my reply then you would have understood that I did mean what I said it was a misprint and not an algorhythem that was the problem that PADI had with the dive tables, and I know about Scuba Pro's Uwatec's problem with their computers, and I wasn't refering to them at all. You are such a good communicator, unfortunetly it's not with anyone who's intelligent, maybe you've been around tourists to much or maybe it's the cleaning solutions you've been around that's killed too many brain cells.

AGAIN IT'S LEGAL TO DIVE WITHOUT ANY CERTIFICATION AT ALL, so what ever education that a diver gets is better than none. If you noticed I'm not just with one agency, I'm with 2, and soon to be with a few more, but my point is that your short sightedness has caused a rift in your senses and maybe you need to step back and rethink what your saying or better yet have someone explain what I'm trying to tell you. PADI isn't a pyramid scheme, and your an idiot if you think so. They use the same schemes that SDI, YMCA, NAUI, and most of the other recognized certification agencies in order to get their certs done. I realize that this board is totally against PADI, but you can't fault them for all of your gripes and complaints. AGAIN GO AND MAKE SURE YOUR STUDENTS MAKE THE GRADE, you need to make sure that your agency is cutting the mustard when it comes to certification standards.

SO instead of rethinking you may need to start thinking.

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