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Sorry Charlie, you're in the wrong forum...

John B - Instructor/Dive shop employee
October 16, 2004 at 08:10:25

Sorry Charlie, as I said in my first post: "Instructor competence, or lack of it, and how that effects diver education in general is another topic...". And it's another forum. 

This one is about a defective PADI product called the PADI Scuba Diver course and whether training agencies are responsible for establishing certain minimum entry-level standards, and whether they should be held accountable for rolling out bad products based on the ludicrous notion that scuba diving and snow boarding are equivalent.

Can't understand why the training agencies should be held accountable? Remember PADI's defective RDP dive tables?  Should we simply ask instructors to think for themselves and stop using the tables or should we also demand that PADI be held accountable and recall the defective tables?

What about a scuba equipment maker that manufacturers a dive computer with faulty algorithms that could injure or kill divers? Should we simply ask dive shop retailers to think for themselves and stop selling the defective dive computers or should we also demand that the equipment maker be held accountable and recall the defective product?

What about a liveaboard company that orders its boat crew not to evacuate passengers?  Should we simply ask the crew to think for themselves and ignore the order or should we also demand that the company be held accountable for the deaths of 20 passengers?

Do a search on "PADI Scuba Diver". You'll get CDNN's editorial "PADI Scuba Diver: Unsafe at any Depth" and 113,000 PADI dive shops and instructors promoting the course. 

Sorry Charlie but I think that answers your question about whether PADI instructors trained by PADI instructors can "think for themselves".

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