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It's up to the instructor to either promote it or not teach it...

Charles Willis - Instructor SDI & PADI/Information Specialist II
October 4, 2004 at 11:37:15

It is up to the instructor to either promote it or not teach it. I would NEVER certify someone that I had ANY DOUBTS about their competency in diving, but then it becomes the students responsiblity to either continue with education or gain the experience by diving safely with others (hopefully more experienced). PADI is just giving another option in the cert process. Now like I said before I would NEVER certify anyone Scuba Diver, but I've seen MANY open water divers out there who wouldn't even rate a PADI Scuba Diver rating, it's UP TO THE INSTRUCTOR to determine whether someone qualifies to get their certification. It's easy to bash PADI because they do seem to stick their neck out from time to time, but they still are a quaility program. My friend didn't get me my instructor rating, I earned it and the test was hard as well as stressful, that in itself didn't quailify me to be a first rate instructor, but it did give me a good foundation to build on. That's what the idea of scuba diver is suppose to be about. You may not like PADI, but you still have to respect the hard work they put in to keep the diving industry going.

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