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No Charles! The buck stops with PADI and they'd be the first to admit it...

John B - Instructor/Dive shop employee
October 3, 2004 at 10:04:34

The "Scuba Diver" course is one of many products PADI promotes as the best in the world thanks to "superior quality control and accreditation standards".  Remember all the noise PADI made about getting the Open Water course approved for college credit? PADI dominates the diver certification market and they attribute their success to the PADI education system, which includes instructor training.

When PADI develops and markets educationally invalid products such as the PADI 'Scuba Diver' course, it's not the instructor's fault. Neither can the instructor, no matter how good he/she is, be expected to make it work. The only thing they can and should do is reject it.  That's what we and many others have done and I think that's the main point of CDNN's editorial.  Instructor competence, or lack of it, and how that effects diver education in general is another topic and hopefully another CDNN editorial.

You also mentioned PADI-bashing, which has the nuance of an undeserved and overly aggressive attack. Fair and just criticism of the PADI "Scuba Diver" course, which is defective because it substitutes supervision for adequate training, is not PADI-bashing. It's fair and just criticism.  There's an important difference.

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