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I agree, yet I disagree...

Dave - PADI Instructor
April 15, 2003 at 07:57:30

I Agree with the other Dave when he speaks about the Advanced O/W students. The only thing is, that really only counts in resorts.

I've worked in resorts where students do their open water course over 3 or 4 days. Personally i dont agree that this should be done. Simply because there is no way your brain retains all that information.

I teach in a low viz, bad conditions country and it took me 5 weeks to earn my Open Water Cert 4 years ago. The reason? because the course was split over 5 weeks. one module per week.

This gave me and my fellow students time to go home, read up, do our knowledge reviews and learn from the mistakes we made in the confined water.

All of us are professionals now, and confident in our skills and opinions.

I firmly believe people that learn in this kind of environment have superior skills than those that learn in resorts. I have seen open water divers that are more comfortable in the water than some divemasters are.

In my rescue course, I learned how to rescue someone with strong currents, cold water, and big waves. I think the whole resort industry can be a little shady and don't agree with some tactics I've seen.

PADI guidelilnes state that the student will be certified if all skills are mastered. A lot of Students don't master the skills they barely perform it. Unfortunatley, some instructors deem this enough to pass a student. This is the downfall of the industry.

Where I would have no problem teaching an Advanced course straight after an Open Water course,  Experience and discretion counts for everything. Some people are strong in the water - others aren't. I have no problem telling my students this, and some have thanked me for it in the past. I feel it's up to the instructor to decide if somebody is ready to move on, just because they have the money to spend shouldn't qualify them to continue their dive education.

Regarding the Scuba Diver Cert? I feel its a good idea assuming people stick to the standards and procedures. I think we can all agree that nearly 100% of diving incidents are down to user error.

Anyway - thats just my 2 cents!  Safe Diving, Dave

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