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Just follow the dollars...

Alan - NAUI/SSI Master Diver
April 10, 2003 at 13:33:40

This is another perfect example of PADI putting the dollar first and the quality of training last. The bottom line is that if a person is too impatient or just unwilling to set aside the sufficient time to get real and comprehensive training FOR ANYTHING, that person has no business being there.

And any business that considers itself successful for catering to the masses of people who fall into that category is unethical, and in this instance where the result of improper training can include crippling injury or death, perhaps even negligent. Their "C-Cards For Sale" type programs are an insult to all of us who would like to take pride in being certified divers.

There are already other agencies that do not recognize PADI's NITROX certification. Those divers who wish to go on to achieve other levels of "extended range" diving must start over from the beginning. A couple of my friends who were PADI Open Water divers were amazed when I told them of all the self-rescue and buddy-rescue tasks that I had to perform during my own basic OW course through another agency. Their students simply don't possess the pre-requisite knowledge that they should (and are paying for), and to hear that they are "dumbing-down" even further should make everyone in the industry furious and refuse to tolerate it.

If PADI continues down this path of lowered standards, all responsible instructors who take what they do seriously should change their agency affiliations, otherwise they are perpetuating the problem. If PADI will not get their act together, the rest of the industry should, by refusing to recognize such meaningless "certifications". Otherwise, your silence constitutes your consent!

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