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It should not be as much for the dollar as for diver saftey!!!!!!...

Jeff - Divemaster
December 26, 2002 at 17:59:06

I guess I am one of the lucky PADI divers who had instructors who really cared. My first 10 dives were in a private pool , and we didn't move on to the next step until we were all confident on the skill at hand. There were two students, me being one of them, a divemaster and the instructor, so it was almost like one-on-one training. I think that if someone is looking to take a course that the first thing they should do is talk to the instructor, ask him first how long has he /she been diving and how many dives they have not how long have they been teaching.

Then the next question should be when was their last fun dive? If they dont dive for fun at least twice a week are they then just teaching for money? Who am I you ask well I've been diving for 7 years averaging 100 plus dives a year in British Columbia, Canada. I got my divemaster cert not so that I could help in classes to make extra money, but to advance MY own personal skills period.

I now help out the instructors that taught me, for free, just to give my enthusiazum to new divers I only do divemaster classes once a month the rest of the month i dive for fun. I have dove everywhere from australlia, fiji, cuba, california   just to name a few but I always come home to the great cold water of B.C. So learn to dive for yourself from great instructors who care about what they do and become a confident diver, your buddy will thank you!!!!!!!! HAVE FUN AND DIVE!

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