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You have to be serious...

Alyson Spark - Rescue Diver in Training
October 1, 2002 at 12:52:29

I am fairly new to the world of diving having taken my OW & AOW with a brilliant PADI Instructor in Cosica... I had been a competition swimmer whilst at school and suffered a near drowning incident just by slipping on a float after a gala. Diving has been a life-long ambition of mine. I wanted so much to dive and expressed my fears with my PADI Instructor... his understanding and his ability to help me achieve my dream was just the begining. I am now (after 15 years of being terrified of putting my face in the water) begining my Rescue Diver course with another PADI Instructor... whom I have dived with for only a short duration. Again he is fully aware of my previous accident and I myself find it of exceptional importance to feel safe and secure in the knowledge that I KNOW and UNDERSTAND how to prevent such an accident happening to me ever again. I have been re-told numerous accounts of 'near misses' relating to over-zealous Dive Centres worldwide and can only feel that my investment in indepth courses, continually experiencing the same dives and new ones BUT in doing so ensuring that my safety is paramount and being happy to cancel/question a dive because I feel it necessary. It all comes down to personal common sense... diving isn't something to just 'do'--it's a dangerous sport that needs to be understood by the individual. I have ALWAYS been observed carefully by dive leaders/masters because I've asked them to do so. I want to make diving my profession and I want to be safe ~ the necessity to be TOLD where I am going wrong or how I can IMPROVE is only the right way to go.

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