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Agencies should lead the way to better, more effective training...

Layne Hedrick - Instructor
September 9 2002 at 16:43:23

This is not just a PADI problem, but a problem common to many agencies.  I have found very few agencies (GUE being one of them) that focus more on the training than in the number of divers getting through a particular course.  More and more agencies are falling prey to the impatience of the modern diver. As people demand that courses be shorter and shorter, dive shops and agencies will shorten their requirements to meet these demands. It is in fact all about the money.

As an instructor, I have heard numerous times that, "Well, I was in Mexico and found someone who would teach me in an hour." My response was always the same, "Go ahead! You get what you pay for."

As agencies cut more and more from their courses to comply with the AD mentality of the modern diver, EMTs and hyperbarics facilities will be picking up the pieces. There needs to be a compromise between selling a course short and demanding dive students become Navy SEALs. To be honest, dive shops and agencies for the most part are only complying with what the mass public is demanding.

It is up to the agencies to lead the way and for the shops to suck it up and stand firm. Only then can the training that is so badly needed be effective. Unfortunately, there will always be that shop or that agency that will certify students in a weekend or an 'hour'.

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