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Diving is definitely NOT for everyone...

Scott Gudmundsen - Recreational Diver
September 2 2002 at 23:51:53

PADI, along with all the other "For Profit" training agencies are in the market to make money. This is the primary purpose of their organization.  It's "Diving for Dollars".

"Diving is for everyone" is their creed. In fact, diving is definately NOT for everyone. There is really no money in teaching diving. The money is in selling equipment to the new diver at full retail price when he or she is all excited about diving and willing to spend whatever it takes to get gear that's just like their instructors'.

Scuba diving is a technically advanced sport requiring a clear mind, above average physical fitness, attention to detail and a cool head when the crap hits the fan (which it will eventually).

Safe diving can't be learned over a 24 hour period. Cut rate courses are attractive monetarily to the uninformed. Education, skills and drills, and safe and streamlined life support equipment is required. Experience should be gained gradually, over time, while supervised. There ain't nothin' down there worth dying for. You get what you pay for.

Seek quality training from an instructor that's not connected to a retail dive shop. Global Underwater Explorers is the only training agency that I know of that teaches divers how to survive underwater, configure their kit properly, and gain experience under direct supervision. They will fail to certify you in a heart-beat if you're a mess. (I don't work for them, and have no connection with them.)

Dive and survive. If you're breathing air, you're breathing the wrong gas!

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