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Does PADI have a grip on adequate instructors...

Gregg Charles - Recreational Diver
November 16, 2001 at 09:45:19

In reading the article "Unsafe at Any Depth" I believe the writer is to some point correct but going to an extreme. Yes, Padi offers some quick courses in diving but that doesn't mean they aren't sufficient. Taking a 300 hour course doesn't make you a good diver. What does however is who you are diving with. My course took as long as "I" wished. That's from pool to Open water. My instructors never rushed me and when I said I wasn't comfortable we did it again. Anyone in their right mind should NOT want to be certified without self confidence. I am not diving now until Spring. When I get back in I will join with one of my instructors and dive with them to recap what I learned. We spent a full 9 hours in class covering written material before ever entering the pool. Most people are a bit nervous and scared going under the first times and I think the real question is does PADI have a grip on adequate instructors? The course outlines everythign you need to know but a good teacher is one who stays with youa dn nver rushes you through but has a sense of if you know what the heck you are doing! Thanks to mine.

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