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The problem is that many instructors take shortcuts...

David L. Cairns - PADI Course Director
June 28, 2001  14:52:06

While the majority of individuals stating their opinion feel that the PADI Scuba Diver course is "unsafe at any depth" I absolutely disagree. If the course is conducted as designed and if the divers receiving this certification are then properly supervised there is a greatly reduced risk of a diving accident then many of the courses that are currently in place. The inherent problem is that many instructors take short cuts, i.e. do not have students complete the skills as required, or teach the class just to have the "cert" rather than looking out for the well being of the students. If you look back at the history of diving instruction the standard of diving was not what we have today. Before anyone starts "trashing" a program they first need to look at the more fundamental problems with scuba diving, which include scuba instructors who are more concerned with the money rather than their students ability to dive, courses being taught that fail to meet the mininimum standards of any agency, resorts taking individuals to greater depths and in environments which they have not have been trained.  These are truly the "dangers" of scuba diving.

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