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The course is for people who dive only once or twice a year...

Robby Donath - PADI IDCS #66356/IANTD Adv Nitrox/Deep Air
May 7, 2001  22:44:33

As the manager of a dive resort and an actively teaching instructor for the last 10 years, I agree, that the "PADI Scuba Diver" course does not adequatly train beginners to be certified divers, whether conducted over two or three days.  But in this discussion it has to be clarified that this is not what this level is designed for.

The 'Padi Scuba Diver' is a pre-entry level certification, an extended DSD or what other organisations call resort dives or introduction dives, not a full basic certification. Scuba divers are of course not trained adequately to dive independently, that is why they must dive under the direct supervision of a divemaster or instructor to a recommended max. depth of 12m.  This is also clearly indicated on the C Card. If a dive center is willing to provide this in- water supervision by properly trained dive masters as required, these divers are not at greater risk than any entry-level certified diver who has been inactive for a while.

Ideally every diver would be trained at least up to rescue or equivalent level to dive safely, but there are some customers who are not that committed to diving, they just want to have a look at the beauty of the underwater world once or twice a year during a vacation and are quite happy to do so under direct control of a professional and that is what this program allows them to do.

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