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CDNN :: Race to find $20m Nazi gold stash

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Ernest Rommell
Unaware? Ernest Rommell may not have known about the treasure.

CORSICA (18 July 2007) -- Field marshal Erwin Rommel had had enough. He had battled in the sands and waddis of North Africa with the armies of his Africa Korps for two years, first making spectacular gains against the British, then seeing his sworn enemy Montgomery push his panzers steadily back to the sea.

Starved of the support he felt he needed from his Fuhrer, Rommel - known as the Desert Fox - decided early in 1943 to take a 'health cure' holiday. He raised his baton to his staff officers as he boarded a plane for Rome. 'I will be back,' he told them.

But he never was. The German adventure in the desert was ending in chaos and defeat. Soon, all the German forces in North Africa were fleeing the continent.

But did the Field Marshal - or, more particularly, some of his senior officers - take away more from North Africa than that empty promise to return...

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