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Marine Conservation

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Diver impact on coral reefs
Human impact caused by scuba divers and snorkelers has become a primary cause of coral reef damage at popular dive travel destinations throughout the world.

For decades the dive industry has been in denial about the increasing impact of scuba diving and snorkeling on fragile coral reefs. Worse, it often promotes and sells profitable but eco-unfriendly scuba diving activities such as shark feeding  and quickie certification courses that "grow the market" but fail to adequately train divers to control buoyancy in order to avoid damaging corals and other marine wildlife.

Over the past several years, as the world gradually accepted the reality of global warming, the dive industry has finally come around to acknowledging that divers are not only part of the problem, but in popular dive travel destinations, have become a primary cause of coral reef damage.  In some areas such as Sipadan, the dive industry has been solely reponsible for severe environmental damage caused by unplanned and unregulated coastal resort development.

Despite acknowledging that the dive industry is a major contributor to coral reef degradation as well as overdevelopment in coastal resort areas, it continues to wallow in ineffectual "Go Eco" branding gimmicks and disingenuous PR green-wash that aims to spin marine conservation issues rather than confront them in a meaningful, effective way...

    Scuba Diving

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      Scuba Diving


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