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The militant animal rights zealots attacked me...

Skip - OW / Scuba mfg/retail
August 14, 2008 at 09:05:42

David Oliver (the diving industry director ) in Australia who corresponded with the So. Australian president made a decision regarding one singular incident in South Australia. A large Great White killed a surfer along a beach in South Australia and that same shark remained cruising along the beach in the shallows for nearly a month (patrol aircraft and patrol boats confirmed this ). I'm not going to get into a debate of how we know if it was the same shark or not. I never  suggested that anyone go out on a shark killing spree or go on a shark culling mission.

The citizens of so. Australia DEMANDED from the politicians that that particular shark posed a constant clear and present danger to the beachgoers and surfers and that shark should either be carried out far at sea or killed. The diving industry officials and the great majority of the public agreed on this. I have numerous friends and diving contacts in Australia who have confirmed this. Both the citizens and tourists stated that they were NOT going to enter the water until something be done regarding THAT particular shark.

After my personal corresponding with several people on this matter, I then concurred with them that the right decision was made regarding this particular situation, and then the militant animal rights zealots attacked me in full force. First , I did NOT start any name calling. GB did when he called David Oliver a " knuckle dragging throwback ". I can go on and on. Then BB accused me of "demonizing" my opponents but said nothing about the death threats by Diana who suggested I should be culled [ meaning -killed ]. I guess to BB thats NOT demonizing ). Yeah, right .

I've only killed one shark that made an attack on me. When I go diving, I don't bother the sharks if they leave me alone and have NEVER suggested any "culling" as falsely accused by these radical animal rights activists. In Florida, the Fish and Game Commision has ordered the thinning of alligators who have become dangerous in certain areas and overpopulated in certain regions.

My point is simply this. If the decision by David Oliver and also South Australia president- kevin Foley bothered these animal rights activists so much, then why didnt they send an e-mail ,letter, fax , or make a phone call and voice their dissagreement to the ones responsible ? Why ? I'll tell you why. Its because it is so easy to take the cowardly approach and hide behind a computer (annonymously ) and attack someone who agrees with a certain action than address your grievence to the source directly.

People in Australia are saying that the assertion that these aharks are rare are bogus. They state that these Great Whites and tigers are all over the place. Furthermore , researchers have reported that the assertion that 100 million are caught yearly is purely bogus. There is no government agency or private group that makes a tally of all shark catches on all or nearly all boats worldwide and that figure is fraudulent and a sham.

It never ceases to amaze me that the animal rights activists will go ballistic on the disscussion of saving or protecting oceanic predators but are entirely silent on speaking out on the slaughter of innocent human beings by terrorists or genocidal dictators. Talk about misplaced priorities.

I guess I'll be labeled as "knuckle dragging" for putting human safety first. I admire anyone who cares for the protection of animals in general, but in this particular situation, I firmly agree that the decission made was the right one and people have a right to agree or disagree at will. I'm fed up with the idea that if someone disagress with the militant animal rights activists that he/she has to be the subject of vicious attacks for simply voicing a different perspective. I also agree with the animal rights activits that the idea of killing all sharks is absurd and stupid and I would never suggest or want such a thing.

One scuba disscusion board shut his discussion board down  because he stated that whenever the discussion of sharks comes up, it turns into a heated and vicious exchange (and he is absolutely right ).  We all know that sharks are programmed to kill (its called natural instinct ). You can't blame a shark for being a shark, but you can take whatever necessary means to keep people safe at a beach. When a shark net was placed at a beach in south Africa to protect beachgoers form lurking Great Whites, the animal rights activists ordered them removed because they claimed sharks and some turtles got caught in the nets. Well guess what ? All that had to be done was to decrease the size of the net openings and use stiffer netting materials . Also , the nets did not come all the way down to the ocean floor and the sharks simply swam under the nets and got trapped trying to exit ( as well as turtles and a few dolpins ).

One bangstick/powerhead manufacturer shut his business and website down because he got bombarded by hate e-mail from animal rights activists as well as death threats from hackers. This bangstick manufacturer advertised his bangstick as to be used ONLY for personal self defense but that still didn't sit well with the militant animal rights activists who couldn't care less if a diver got killed and actually protested the idea of a diver simply protecting himself/herself in self defense. Its crazy !!! It's no wonder so many divers I know say they wouldn't bother posting on these discussion boards, and I don't blame them.


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