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Arrogance is obviously not an exclusive province...

BKP - Rescue / Consultant
May 26, 2008 at 21:50:24

Unlike 'Michael,' I *am* a diver, and I do submit to forums. This, of course, does not automatically bestow any special wisdom or insight into this topic beyond what I've learned during my training, experience, interaction, observation, and study of the subject(s)...

However, I'm perpetually awed by the knee-jerk reactions of those with obviously *no* understanding of the delicate nature of an ecosystem; *no* care for the perpetuation of their own environment in any way (with the exception of themselves), topped off with *no* knowledge of the consequences of their actions.

No Michael, it's not our world.  Proof of this is that we certainly haven't learned how to improve or perpetuate it.  We ground-mine our water without caring about replenishment, and now we're entering a new water-crisis era. We overfish the seas without worrying about a species' extinction, and now we're seeing growing dead zones where many species previously thrived. We're deforesting the world at a startling rate, and we haven't even seen the far reaching effects.

If it really *is* all 'ours,' the mountains, rivers, oceans, etc., then we're doing a piss-poor job as the landlords/custodians of the world.

Attitudes such as Evgeniva's (and, apparently, yours) are simply sad.  Stub your toe on a chair in the middle of the night, and wish all chairs into oblivion... Cut off a fingertip while rip-sawing a piece of plywood, and wish all power tools to disappear...  Walk through a lion's cage, and when mauled out of self-defense/instinct, wish all lions would cease to exist. Sad...

However, what you (and Evgeniva) still don't seem to grasp is the chain of events an ecosystem sets up to perpetuate itself.  In the Caribbean, overfishing of sharks triggers a domino effect of changes that ultimately contributes to the degradation of the reef ecosystem. Sharks feed on predators such as grouper, which feed on parrotfish.  parrotfish are plant eating animals that help corals withstand dominance by algae. When corals die, the polyp that turns seawater-based carbon dioxide into limestone, die.  Without coral, the amount of carbon dioxide in the water can quite possibly rise dramatically enough to affect most living things on earth. Without coral, coastlines aren't protected from currents and waves. This is why they're called "barrier reefs."  Without coral reefs thousands of species would cease to exist, that normally make the reef their feeding and breeding ground (which would then have an entirely tangential set of negative impact effects).

There doesn't seem to be a general populace outcry when 100,000,000 (yeah.. that 100 MILLION) sharks are killed EACH YEAR... a great many of those simply to harvest their fins, after which the still-living sharks are thrown back into the sea to drown.

Only when a surfer or spearfisherman, behaving like, or carrying, shark-food, is attacked AS food (imagine that... an animal doing what nature has instilled within it to do), is there a blood-curdling, Jaws-inspired, outrage.  Hell... lets just wipe out a species, because WE jumped into its food-bowl, rang the dinner bell, and then wondered why it came by to sample the fare...



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