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C'mon Cathy Church, get real...

Randall Gillis - Recreational Diver
January 9, 2002 at 00:36:50

What are you defending here Cathy? How can you say that you "know of no activity supported by DEMA that hurts the environment?"

OK - I'll give you a few:

How about lobbying all the time for no restrictions on the number of divers - or their behavior - even in sensitive marine protected areas? Want to see the results of that "DEMA activity"? Just visit the Florida Keys. The reefs there look so bad that the tourism people can't even use new photographs for advertising - who'd want to dive on a "pristine" bowling ball covered with algae?

How about promotion of "Interactive diving"? Feeding and riding wildlife - any wildlife - goes directly against the fundamentals of modern wildlife management and conservation.

There are more, but I'll quit here.

"DEMA heartily supports pro-environmental activities at every turn?" Sure, whenever they can figure out a way to do so that does not interfere with industry profits.

DEMA is definitely not World Wildlife Fund, and Jean-Michel is not Jacques.  For you to suggest so is GARBAGE. Stick to the photography Cathy - your eco-savvy is way out of focus.

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