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$100,000 from DEMA?  I say 'BRAVO'...

Cathy Church - Marine Photograher
January 8, 2002 at 11:19:37

Your article about Jean-Michel Cousteau's offer to be a DEMA spokesman heavily implies that DEMA activities to make money can only be at the detriment of the environment, and by doing so he is a money-making hypocrite. However, DEMA heartily supports pro-environmental activities at every turn. I know of no activity supported by DEMA that hurts the environment, unless you include using the techniques man uses in modern living, such as electricity, for which we are ALL guilty. You imply that by encouraging diving we hurt the environment. Who is your audience but divers? Are we all guilty if we dive?

Your implication, that JM Cousteau's association with DEMA makes him anti-environmental, does not seem justified.

And you degrade Mr. Cousteau for needing to make money. But it is clear that he spends that money on environmental projects from youth education to a release program for a captured whale. If being a spokesman for a few days can get him a $100,000 donation, I say BRAVO!

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