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Technically, he violated the terms of his insurance agreement but...

Tim Poston - Recreational Diver
August 24, 2005 at 17:43:26

I wanted to comment on your recent scuba poll entitled "How deep you dive is exactly the point: Pay for your own stupidity". You are basically infering that this individual got bent ONLY because of the depth he attained and that alone makes him liable. You can use the same argument that an individual who is involved in a car accident and was speeding at the time should not be covered under their auto policy and is soley responsible for the accident.

As I am sure you are aware, many factors influence a person developing decompression sickness with depth being one of those. Dehydration is a large factor and I have seen with my own eyes a person developing DCS after a 15 meter dive; largely because of dehydration! I expect more from CDNN. You combine a biased poll with lack of regard for the entire story and seem to encourage insurance companies to find new, creative ways to deny payments.

What was this individual's dive profile? Did he perform adequate decompression? Was he participating in "technical diving"? Was he diving air or mixed gas? If you want to argue the technicality that he violated the terms of his insurance agreement, then fine; he was in violation. Instead you mix opinions with news. Put your opinions in the proper section and stick to reporting the "facts".

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