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Perhaps you have some evidence that indicates his stupidity...

Mark Allen - Non-Diver/Son of Anthony Allen
August 22, 2005 at 12:19:58

I cannot believe you have been insensitive enough to sensationalise a very complex situation. As a diving network you of all people should understand the complexity of this situation and to assume stupidity is ironically that very same thing.

There could have been any number of factors that contributed to my father diving to that depth and it is clear you have not done any research for yourself, but instead are simply guilty of creating further pain to my family - perhaps if you have some evidence that you could share with me that indicates his stupidity it would be most helpful in my 18 hour days as i struggle to ensure my father returns to full health and we do not become financially crippled.

As my father is currently to ill to discuss the matter and egypt is incredibly difficult to communicate with jumping to conclusions when something could have gone wrong is incredibly unhelpful. I understood that the diving community was one of camaraderie and friendship which is why my father loves the sport so much, i am therefore extremely disappointed and hurt that at a time when our family is in crisis and in need of any support possible that a diving website of all things is the one to publish the most hurtful comments i have witnessed.

I would appreciate any support or information you feel would be beneficial but your comments/poll serve no purpose to anyone but your website. I hope you fell that all the hits your website is worth threatening my fathers case and the hurt it creates.

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