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Altering the data on a dive computer...

Ronald Griswold - IDCS/Technician
February 3, 2007 at 02:11:26

I do not know of any Dive Computer on the market, where the data can be altered like that.  If the Dive Master wanted to erase the data, he would have pulled the battery out of the computer.  It sounds like a trumped up charge to me.

I think the Dive Master did not want to forever lose the dive equipment as evidence, just to back up the story the dive had not even officially started.  Maybe the DM was just trying to show the police, they really didn't need to take the equipment. 

I don't think the police sent the right person to pick up the dive equipment.  Otherwise, the equipment would have been properly recovered.  The police may have sent a rookie that made their first arrest, and it appears they didn't know about dive computers. I have seen the quality of police go down since there has been a lot of new hired cops in my area. 

In the other respect, maybe the Dive Master needed to be a lot more diplomatic due to Kendra Motter's death. Although the DM's judgement could have been clouded from him, being affected by the recent events from the fatality.  I would need to see more evidence of a cover-up before believing there is deception on the part of Horizon Divers...

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