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Reinventing the golf ball diver

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by LAMAR BENNINGTON - CDNN Industry News Editor

Golf ball diver vs The Roller
Welcome to the 21st century. 'The Roller' (above) is a cheap, low-maintenance, ultra-efficient golf ball retrieval system designed to replace clumsy, old-fashioned human golf ball divers (below).

USA (15 Feb 2007) -- Yes, it seems like only yesterday CDNN was obediently profiling the extravagant livestyles of the rich, high-rolling, A-list (yet aggressively anonymous) golf ball divers who dominate the $200 million used ball market.

Think Cristal, multiple Hummers, hilarious supersized Rolex me-watches, monthly trips to Vegas with a platinum blonde on each arm and at least one big, ugly, bad-ass thug on retainer to remove golf ball diver wannabes from "my territory" at gunpoint.

But that was yesterday--actually last week--before the gods of the golf universe rendered, FOREVER, golf ball divers obsolete.

The Roller

Enter "The Roller", the awe-inspiring 21st century juggernaut that gobbles up 60,000 golf balls a day from water hazards without fear of drowning, crocodile attacks or gun-toting ex-wives demanding triple-digit increases in alimony...

Action Divers

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