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Diver deaths not Gilboa Quarry's fault...

Chris D - OW/Firefighting and EMS
August 9, 2007 at 11:37:13

I have dived at Gilboa a couple of times and each time I was there experienced no problems.  I feel that the recent deaths at Gilboa have been because people are not paying attention to their own safety.  Somethings' cannot be avoided like the two divers that had their regulators freeze up, but at the front counter at Gilboa there are signs that state the regulator might free flow at 60 feet and at 90 feet they might freeze up.  These two divers were aware of these problems before they dove.  In order to dive the deep side you must file a dive plan. I will bet you that when they filed their dive plan they were made aware of these issues.

With the most recent death, the 56 yr. old women.  Why did she separate from her dive party and more importantly her DIVE BUDDY? The first thing you learn when you take a SCUBA class is that you dive with a buddy not SOLO diving. In the last two deaths,where were the dive buddy's. In the last death the women was found at 60ft near the tubes a while later, so that means that she left her dive group and no one was paying attention to her when she left. She was heading toward another group according to the reports; well obviously no one in the other group knew she was coming over to join their group.  I would like to think if they did they would have watched until she joined them, not leave her to be alone. And on another note I now wonder if anyone even knew that she split from her original group, you would think that if either of the dive groups knew that she was switching groups they would watch her until she joined the other group.

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