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Perhaps Lamar was too generous with your IQ rating Jim...

Paul - AOW/Designer
July 23, 2007 at 22:42:15

Re: "My point was why would an editor for a scuba diving article refer to divers as, having frontal loboatomies, goofy wannabes, dumb, iq of 1 1/2 sea slugs, diving dullards, jerks, bottom of the food chain and clowns in one article.   All this in violation of their own "scuba forum policy". What ever happened to editoral professionalism?"  Jim Mularkey

The answer to your first question is easy. Lamar's CDNN article about Florida scuba news filler described you as jerks because that is exactly what you are. You dumb down diving into something incredibly stupid, corny and downright embarrasing with the objective of filling local dive boats. Then you pad it with little calculated bits of "save the reefs" malarkey (mularkey?) in a disingenuous attempt to transform a business promotion gimmick into something relevant and meaningful.  Offhand, I cannot think of anything more ridiculous than propping up the Underwater Music Festival as a sincere advocate for marine conservation, or even as an invitation to people to reach for their credit cards and go diving.  The Underwater Music Festival completely misrepresents the sport of scuba diving and it insults the intelligence of most scuba divers.

Your second question is even easier to answer. You'll find editorial professionalism in CDNN's Editorials section at  Maybe that's too difficult for a sea slug but most humans with basic reading skills could understand that 1) Lamar was writing an article not an editorial and 2)  the guidelines for posting comments at Scuba Forum do not apply to journalists writing articles for CDNN. Given that you're having so much trouble making the simple and obvious distinction between two entirely different web sites, maybe Lamar was too generous when he issued your IQ rating. Take that as a rather unscientific and intuitive observation, not a personal insult.

One final comment Jim. Lamar's article was both amusing and entertaining at your expense, but at the same time he made some important points that got me thinking.  Scuba diving already is fun and even transformative when it all comes together in places where the reefs have not been wiped out by too many scuba divers and a lot of other human impacts. So why dumb it down to the lowest common denominator?  If you aimed higher, you could probably get at least a few thousand divers to go up the coast and have a good time helping to remove the 2 million tires Lamar referred to.  After their good time underwater, reward them with another good time topside listening to the live performances of a new generation of talented local musicians, many of whom probably scuba dive and would be willing to donate their time to an event that really does make a difference as in "see tires removed from sea and neatly stacked on dock ready to be transported and recycled".

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