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You can't kill the messenger twice...

SP - Dive Instructor/diver
October 5, 2007 at 05:12:04

I suppose you can't kill the messenger twice for being ignorant of the contents of his package??  The thing is though, that if you were not born in Fiji and have an insight into what is happening on the ground, then I say shoot the messenger. CDNN [Fiji time line] has a very misleading picture of a shirtless youth in the act of trashing the windsheild of a car....is this for real??? next thing we'll be seeing pictures of Armed tanks in down-town Suva for pete's sake.

And to bring George Speight into this forum ..?? what for?? Are we running out of things to write about???

Australia/New Zealand are well known for poking their noses into Fiji's affairs. What are they afraid of?? That if Fiji is able to overthrow their Government, they [Aus/NZ] may be next and they won't know what to do about it??

We have a lot to learn about Democracy here in Fiji. One style may not fit us well so we try another one...one day maybe we might have something that fits us nicely,but until that day ..let us do this "our way".  Forums are full of "saying" like too many cooks spoil the soup and so on....and I dislike this bird-brain approach .

Bottom line here is that we know we have something special in these islands and if we don't do things like normal everyday people like you do, forgive us, but don't tell us what we can and cannot do.

For Australia and New Zealand to to put a travel ban on our islands is a good sure fire way of slowing down our healing. To this I say to all those that have changed their travel destination....you will be missing out on a great holiday here.  If you are a diver then try supporting the local operators instead of going to some fancy  "Cousteau" type place??

Pointing fingers at one another is not doing anyone any good,we have survived four coupes and we will survive another four [!]

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