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Don't blame PADI on this one...

RH - DM (PADI & NAUI)/Educator
December 9, 2007 at 22:54:07

For various reasons PADI is often the brunt of someone's ire. In this instance, PADI is not the one to blame for a divemaster or boat captain who leaves a diver. A boat count is not rocket science nor is the means to maintain an accurate count. Whether accountability is done via tank counts, verbal/visual roll calls, diver in/out tote baords, tag systems or any combination thereof, a diver can still be left at sea. The responsibility is ultimately that of the captain who must communicate with and have complete trust with his/her crew regarding a sound diver count plan.

No matter what any dive agency puts out as policy, if there is a policy failure divers will be left.  And, that policy must take into account the inexperienced diver who inadvertantly does not follow his/her own dive plan or the boats dive plan, as well as the incompetent/arroagant/stupid diver who does stupid stuff.

Given that, I think that every diver count procedure should include an "all hands on deck" roll call, along with at least two other methods. Put Another Dollar In (PADI) may be the mantra of many, but don't blame PADI on this one. By the way, I have a PADI C-Card in "Message Posting" in case you were wondering!






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