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Ty Sawyer put Skin Diver out of business and now he's ruining Sport Diver...

Nigel S - AOW/Writer
July 18, 2005 at 07:32:15

Ty Sawyer is a lousy editor and a worse writer.  PERIOD.

Sawyer (and Hornsby) ruined Skin Diver and drowned it in red ink.  After that fiasco both drifted over to PADI and now Sawyer is doing the same thing to Sport Diver but of course, it doesn't really matter.  That rag has never made a profit and unlike Scuba Diving, which also loses money, it doesn't have to.  Essentially it's a PADI marketing tool and the losses can be written off as part of PADI's overall marketing plan.  Despite Ty Sawyer's incompetence, Sport Diver will outlast Scuba Diving although both rags are absolutely worthless.

It's revealing that you, Jon and Ryan all seem to have a vested interest in promoting Sport Diver. You and Jon both took the opportunity to fire a couple of cheap shots at Scuba Diving.  Ryan is obviously in bed with Ty and wants everyone to know how exciting it is between the sheets.

You've got a very deep hangup about Fathoms, which clearly provokes your wrath.  Apparently, the owners utilize the magazine to promote their dive tours? Why the overly rancorous and strident attack over that?

Just a final comment on the topic of writing.  Notice how I copped your crude style in my lead sentence? You claim to be a professional writer but adding the word "PERIOD" in caps to give your opinion emphasis is bad writing and overwhelming evidence of an amateur writer struggling to make his point. You also cannot organize your thoughts into paragraphs.  In your previous post, you babbled incoherently and then belatedly and incorrectly started a long overdue paragraph to give emphasis to your final sentence.  I had not seen such crude prose since the last time I read Sawyer's column in Sport Diver.

So what do you do? REALLY.

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