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Sawyer is a great editor...and writer. Period...

Dex - Master Scuba Diver/Technical Writer
July 16, 2005 at 22:21:36

It's kind of funny how the reaction to this is so personal and that this allegedly unbiased forum will allow such an inflamatory and personal subject line, while changing my previous one, which simply stated a clear fact that Sawyer is obviously putting out a great product and seems to be quite talented at what he does. I'm not sure what "record" Nigel is speaking of...all I receive is the magazine. And, certainly, for anyone who truly reads it, Sport Diver doesn't exist to solely promote "recycled advertorials pushing PADI's obscenely marketed franchise network." It seems to promote diving. The articles about New Guinea and South Africa I spoke of in my first post had nothing to do with PADI, the PADI franchise or anything PADI. They were great dive stories. Nigel's blowing some thick smoke. C'mon dude, do you really read Sport Diver? Perhaps you should check out those pieces (among others) and get your facts straight. As a scuba diver, my favorite dive mag is Sport Diver. I think promoting diving is a good thing. The success of PADI clearly bothers Nigel, though. If Nigel, who is probably involved in the industry in some competitive way and is on some, again obviously, personal vendetta, could perhaps be clear on this alleged "record" we'd all see for ourselves that "Nigel" is full of it. For the "record", I'm certainly not brain dead and don't drool over "hype and tripe". Sawyer's a wonderful writer and editor. PERIOD. I'm sure Nigel, the "writer" could learn a thing or two or ten from him. I certainly have. Perhaps "Nigel" -- you could point us to some of your writing so we could compare and see...though I'm absolutely sure none such exists.

And if Nigel really wants to see a whored out magazine, one that exists solely to pimp the trips led by its staff...then perhaps he SHOULD check out Fathoms...then he'd see what a truly "obscenely franchised" magazine looks like so he'd have a point of comparison.

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