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Hats off to Skin Diver...

Ron "Skeg" Farley - Recreational Diver
January 19, 2002 at 09:19:04

They are finally getting back to their roots. Remember - when diving was young and innocent, and each issue of Skin Diver had the "Miss' Driftwood" photo contest?  Guys sent in their girlfriends pictures and SD published the best.

There is nothing today (and never will be again) to compare with those overexposed, grainy black and white shots of a bleached blonde sprawled across the hood of a '56 Chevy by the side of a quarry in Michigan -in November!

That was fun.  Now, if Hornsby can get away from this slick fashion model approach to "sex sells magazines", and get back to the "Miss Driftwoood" concept -with today's technology and the wonders of silicone and modern plastic surgery...who knows?  There are even a few '56 Chevys left out there, and the quarries are still open!

AS for Bennett - what a friggin' hypocrite!  "Sorry to offend you with pictures of the human body at its best - it won't happen again." But the death and maiming of divers from all sorts of stupid marketing schemes from our industry pals?  -"Sorry, we don't keep statiistics on that."

Bennett, you belong in the same outhouse with Jerry Falwell and all other self-rightouous, self-serving fools out there who hide behind fake morals to glorify themselves. Go hide behind your awards Pete - you and DAN are a disgrace!

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