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Great magazine--great editor...

Dex - Master Scuba Diver/Technical Writer/Media Consultant
July 2, 2005 at 13:20:05

I don't normally submit to these forums, but I just ran in to a surprising "personal insult" response to an email from Ryan Allen about Ty Sawyer, the wonderful editor of Sport Diver magazine, while looking for more work from this fine professional. Whoever wrote that oafish response to Ryan's email is obviously an industry professional who is threatened by Mr. Sawyer in some way and can only resort to the lowest and most cowardly form of defamation. Sport Diver is a GREAT magazine. Period. Far superior to the other dive magazines I've read. And Mr. Sawyer must be a great editor to pull off such a high quality product with every issue. I've been getting the magazine a long time, and it has improved leaps and bounds since Mr. Sawyer took over as the top editor. Lot's of great images, stories, and gear. And not the same old thing with every issue. It's the one dive magazine I look forward to each month. Mr. Sawyer is also certainly one of the top writers in diving and probably beyond diving. I'm a huge fan of his writing. I remember a piece he wrote about Papua New Guinea that had to be the best bit of dive travel literature I've ever read. And he brought to life the thrill of the Sardine Run off South Africa in 500 words what another magazine (which my roomate gets) called Fathoms couldn't do in what seemed like a 10,000 word sleep inducement, If you want to see what happens when a magazine has a lousy editor, read the long-winded, unfocused Fathoms, which seems to exist merely to sell its publisher/editor's and other editor's own dive trips and from what I can tell from the Q&As, profound ego of its publisher. Talk about a pure whore magazine. Scuba Diving, the other dive mag I get, looks better than it used to back in the day, and I like the way they rate gear, but now it looks and reads like a cheap knock-off to Sport Diver. So, whoever it really was that wrote the response should think about teaming up with Mr. Sawyer, who obviously has his head and magazine in the right place. Your personal insults at both Mr. Sawyer's and Mr. Allen's integrity ring false and rediculously untrue if you actually take a look at Sport Diver. And to put an end to the debate, Mr. Sawyer and Sport Diver dances circles around the other dive mags. Bravo to you Mr. Sawyer for a job well done.  I can't wait for my next issue.

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