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What is the carbon credits scam?...

Clothcap - Pre-entry level/Researcher
July 17, 2007 at 01:22:11

1. Reducing co2 output does not significantly affect temperature unless we get down to less than 100ppm, which will kill biomass. Carbon dioxide is opaque to 8% of long wave radiation (mid to far infrared). Adding more increases opacity to vanishingly small degrees. i.e. It has made its main contribution, adding more does not mean more.

2. Human produced co2 at 3.6% of the 1% of co2 in the upper atmosphere cannot, by any stretch of the imagination (except for environmental contortionists) cause global warming.

3. Human nature leans toward deception. This is blatantly evidenced in the CCT cons reported in April by the Financial Times and all over Internet.

4. Painting your roof white will do more to reduce temperature than all the proposed personal methods of co2 reduction put together. Be careful. Tinkering with the atmosphere is extremely dangerous. The consequence of reducing temperature could prove the tipping point to entering an ice age, (that is overdue) if we ever actually succeed in doing something effective. As the IPCC knows, co2 production is inconsequential to temperature and therefore risk free. The ideal scam material.

5. Gore the profiteer, science fiction presenter extraordinaire ("he can make you believe the impossible"), who uses 20 times the national US average energy, uses a private jet producing known-to-warm con trails, owns a carbon credit scam company. He buys credits from himself. (Philosophy - do as I say, not as I do.)

6. Co2 is an essential plant food, plants strip the carbon and use it for structure and to make sugar for energy. More in the air with other factors such as increased humidity and nitrogen increase biomass (e.g. wheat,corn) and was measured to have increased 6% over 25% of landmass 1982-99. (NASA figures).

7. Carbon credit is a conception of the same mindset that produced the Kyoto protocol scam. You know, $100k buys 1 billionth of a degree C by 2050 under ideal circumstances. (Actually less because a number of major emitting countries gave it the well deserved bird.)

5. If you actually want to do something useful, limit your family to 2 kids. That is the best gift we can give to future generations, a smaller world population.

Environmental extremism is bad for the planet, bad for health, bad for the environment, bad for human advancement, bad for government and they lie through their teeth. A blatant example is forest management. They got the thinning of forests stopped causing greater density of timber and consequential disastrous fires. Of course they blame it on (co2) global warming. Human nature.

I don't want to return to stone age life and cottage industry (enviro's dream world). Be careful who you vote for.

Happy diving.

Dive VIP








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