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CDNN: Size matters: BSAC novice diver died because semi-dry suit was too big

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Carrina Beer
An inquest found that BSAC novice diver Carrina Beer died because her semi-dry suit was too big.

UK (12 Jan 2007) -- A petite student nurse drowned in a scuba diving accident because the semi-dry suit she was wearing was too large for her.

Carrina Beer was 5ft 4in and weighed 8st, but she used a man's suit as she found it more comfortable.

However, the 23-year-old lost consciousness when her suit filled up with cold water, causing her temperature to plummet.

Miss Beer, who was in her second year at King's College London, was diving off the coast of Brixham in Devon with the college's sub aqua society when tragedy struck in March last year.

An inquest heard that although a qualified diver, she was relatively inexperienced in cold waters...

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