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Pride and prejudice: BSAC's ugly PADI-bashing...

John - Instructor / Management
August 13, 2008 at 09:17:31

As a veteran PADI instructor who has safely taught more than 1200 people to dive over a career that spans three decades, I first want to commend CDNN for keeping divers informed about what's really happening around the world. It is by far the best scuba-related site precisely because it reminds us day in and day out that sh*t happens, that scuba diving is dangerous, that we need to focus on safe diving procedures every time we scuba dive.  That's good for me, my students, all divers and the entire scuba diving industry.

In response to Greg's remark about "bias against PADI", it is ironic that you have posted that comment in a forum about a fatal BSAC accident. I think CDNN has been pretty fair and even-handed in its coverage of the major diver certification agencies. I don't always agree with their editorial positions — I'm certainly not a conservation activist — but I am a "dive industry insider" who appreciates an independent voice that is not controlled by dive industry insiders.

And I think CDNN's "mission" (as opposed to "bias") is clear.  In their own words:

"CDNN is a public service, global non-profit conservation activist and consumer advocate that partners with educators, scientists, environmentalists, publishers and the general public to disseminate information aimed at protecting marine wildlife, enhancing public safety and empowering dive consumers with authoritative, accurate, hype-free information about scuba diving products and services."

Isn't that exactly what CDNN has done over the years while rising above the cheap shots and malicious, criminal antics of the looters, polluters, poachers and scammers?

As for CDNN's position on scuba certification agencies, it's also clear they hold no bias or prejudice against PADI nor any other agency.  In their own words:

"There are minor differences between the various diving courses but no training agency stands far enough above the others to support any claim of reduce the inherent risk of diving, there is no substitute for continuing education and the modern diving education system, the burden of responsibility is on each individual diver to decide what level of risk they are willing to accept...the quality of a diving course depends primarily on the commitment and ability of your takes about a week to get certified as an instructor;  it takes much, much longer to learn how to help students with specific learning challenges and teach effectively."

The only clear bias against PADI by any major organization that I am aware of is coming from BSAC and its members. Check out the PADI-bashing by BSAC members in the Scuba Forum about a BSAC instructor who died entering the ocean with her students:

"Not to worry: BSAC will 'collate' details about Lesley Clark's scuba diving death"

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