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Thank you for noticing this...

Shelia - Non-diver / Home maker
August 6, 2008 at 09:34:02

It is about time that someone noticed all of these things. I mean she only weighed 120 pounds and he was what 200 or more. She was in shallow water not near the site and he was a certified RESCUE DUVER!! But he was having problems and had to go for help?????????? Something is very wrong with this!!! I have never been diving but because of all of my friends that dive it just seemed not to make sense.

I totally agree with you on this. They need to arrest him for this crime so her family and friends can get on with their life. Tina's family and friends life were halted that tragic day and now they all need closer on this. I think that most people feel that Gabe killed Tina now if they would just arrest him and put him in jail this could be over quickly. Almost as quickly as this incident itself happened. I do believe that most people that read this are going to know that you always help in any way that you can but if you are a certified rescue diver then you just do it.

Well Mr. Watson did not do anything except say that he lost his wife something happened and she went down. Well why didn't he go after her?????? He has never answered this question to my liking. He beats around the bush and it was this and it was that he never says one thing and stays with that. IT is unnerving. To all of you that scuba dive please be careful. I know that it is safe for the most part but things do happen. Real true accidents, so stay safe to all of you that dive. Remember the buddy system and stay calm and safe.

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Scuba Diving


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