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Gabe Watson should fry -- he was a certified rescue diver...

Shelia - Non-diver / Home maker
August 6, 2008 at 02:10:17

You mentioned that he was inexperienced. He was a certified rescue diver!!!  Hello people he was certified to rescue people that were in trouble like he said that his wife was. This idiot did this for the money and to torture her family that is the only reason he did this. I hope that they find him guilty and he never gets out.

The last thing that Tina saw was Gabe's face!!! The last thing that he should see is bars every morning and before he goes to bed. He has changed his story too many times. He never checked on her until they said that they did all that they could do. Then he goes to the other boat. Please he had never planned on checking on her. Because there were other people there is the only reason he went to the boat where she lay dead. He killed her and he planned it before hand and he did it thinking I will get away with this because it is to easy and who are they going to believe -- me or her?

He knew that people would question the way that Tina had been acting and the things that she had been saying but he never dreamed that they would look into his behavoir and the things that he had been saying. That is where all of this went down hill. Thank God for that. I mean what morbid person takes flowers off of a grave and throws them away??? He does because she is still linked to her family the one thing that he wanted gone. He is sick and twisted and as for a bully no he is no bully he is not even a man. A man would stand up for their rights and their innocence but he is just too dang stupid. He is no bully and he will never be a man. Tina married a little boy in a big boys body. That is how you sum that up.

To any idiot female who thinks that dating Gabe seems to be a good idea, well would you like for your family to be seeing you daily with flowers?? If no then do not date this guy. He is mean and ruthless and he means to have his way or no way at all. This will happen again just not the same way. He will snap and he will do this again. He needs to be locked up and throw the key away. I think he should get life without parole but I do not get to hand that down. He is lucky I am not a judge.

He did not just kill his wife but his best friend a girl full of life with a sister and parents. Her parents and sister will never see her again but he apparently does not and did not care. I mean he has not even been by to put flowers out for Tina but he does like to take the ones that her family leaves. He uses bolt cutters and just tosses them to the side like it is no big deal. If you have the nerve to call him your friend then you must be as sick and twisted as he is. If he used to be a friend and you have seen the light and see him for who and what he really is then good for you but too bad it is too late for Tina.

If any of you noticed something then you should have said something and not to Tina but for her. She needed a voice because she was scared of him. If you were her friend then you should have stepped foward to the police.  Then she might still be alive. Well no, she would not because he would have found another way to kill her. That is how people like him work or tick.

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Scuba Diving


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