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Since when did dive medical officers start turning a blind eye to safety violations?...

Jeremy Robinson - Divemaster/Veterinarian
October 23, 2004 at 22:17:40

Colin, the problem with launching rebuttals complaining about complaints - you've done that twice now - is that you're guilty of the same conduct you're criticizing. More so in fact, because your rather transparent attempt to discredit the entire forum and the many with whom you disagree gets top marks on the off-topic negativity scale, but wildly misses the mark in every other respect.

Yes, it is a cheap shot and it lands squarely in your own foot despite your disingenuous attempt to sell it as "surprise" (hee hee) and concerned "disappointment" (ooooh). It's an open forum Colin, not a formal inquiry, and if on-topic criticisms of your beloved Aggressor boats are too difficult for you, there are plenty of industry-controlled scuba message boards around filled with comments that square up perfectly with the ad hype and also offer enthusiastic off-topic accounts of the ball game and Bunny's birthday bash.

OK, quickly now because your off-the-wall comments don't deserve a lengthy response:

1. The CDNN article, The Hype and the Reality: A Tale of Two Aggressors, juxtaposed Aggressor marketing hype and factual statements by the group of people who were on the boat.  That's not "opinion, rumor and innuendo" Colin, that's clever and effective journalism.

2. Trip insurance: Again, don't get a false sense of security just because you've got a policy statement in the file cabinet back home.  Trip insurance is not the solution to negligence and criminal conduct by commercial passenger boat operators.  PERIOD.

3. "No one on the forum knows the facts"  What? Go back and reread the comments Colin. You'll find more than a few from the people who were on the Galapagos Aggressor. They were there. They know what happened.

4. "Comments such as 'you don't want to be in the middle of the ocean on a small boat with people you can't trust' add nothing to the discussion"  Actually, it's one of the better comments in the forum. If you can't trust the dive boat operator to keep the boat ship-shape and follow all of the safety rules, don't get on the boat.

5. "The outcome of any accident investigation is vital before assigning blame"  Don't be ridiculous.  Often, there is no accident investigation.  It's the unregulated scuba diving industry Colin, not the US Navy. All you can do is look at all the available evidence and draw your own conclusions.

Based on the evidence I have seen, my conclusion is that there is little or no quality control in the Aggressor Fleet.  You might get a good trip on one boat, you might get killed on another.  Conclusion: Don't book Aggressor trips until they clean up their act and establish uniform safety standards that apply to all the boats in the fleet. If a boat owner violates those standards even once, cut the Aggressor line and let him drift off to fend for himself under his own corporate flag.

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