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Wrong again Ms Cohen...

Sandee - Rescue/Law Student
June 7, 2003 at 18:30:23

You have a talent for seeing and reading my posts as some sort of endorsemdnt for the Aggressor/Dancer Fleets. You also suggest that I can't read even at the third grade level.  See the following:

"Regarding refunds on Sandee's third-grade reading lessons, I'm afraid I can't offer any help.  But if Sandee eventually learns how to read at the third-grade level, she will learn that Elkins insulted David Schwager but Schwager never called Elkins a 'whore'.  If he had, he would have been correct."

Obviously you are wrong again. As a 30 year old graduate Law Student I read your posts correctly. I have been on the Lammer Law and the Cayman Aggressor.  Have you? Never on a Dancer boat though.

You seem to read that I am in the same group as that of Captain Ken. Never heard of him till I read the Cyber Diver posts. But his experiences match those of mine on both boats when it comes down to published/written policy for diver refunds.

Not sure about your comments because you seem to put too much faith in what Mr. Schwager has said. Why don't you check on the validity of his statement by obtaining your own written policy from Lammer Law AND Aggressor (like I did).

You also failed to read that I said Both men need to reread the CyberDiver policy for submitting their posts.

You like, Captain Norwalk (in the Dancer forum), have now called Captain Ken a "whore"; (read your quoted post section above).   Does that make you a name caller too? This needs to stop and get this forum back on the discussion of trip reports (good and bad)(Lammer Law, Aggressor/Dancer AND OTHER DIVE OPERATORS).

What good is it for me to read bad repeat posts when there are none that are good. It has begun to look like a site that posts only those comments that are negative to any company that does not advertise with them (Cyber Diver). If this is true, then it's not for me.

By the way, Lammer Law will not give you a refund if you miss "a dive" due to weather. They "might" give you some sort of credit for another later trip because your trip was cancelled due to a hurricane BEFORE you got onboard. This is why they too strongly suggest trip insurance.  Read your booking contract.

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