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The way to correct the situation is to compare 'apples with apples'...

Ken Elkins - Captain/Instructor
March 19, 2003 at 23:10:06

Our group leaves for the Turks and Caicos Aggressor tomorrow night to see the whales off the Silver Banks.  We are very excited about swimming with the whales. I will report on the safety concerns of the boat on our return.

I am perplexed.  Clive (among others) makes a blanket statement advising divers to "avoid Aggressor boats due to safety concerns."  I wonder where he gets the experience to voice those "concerns"? Our group has been on more than three different Aggressor boats and we found them all to be safe.  You should know that if any boat is unsafe I will pull our group off immediately.  Obviously we have yet to quit a boat.

Clive goes on to say that the Aggressor boats have "extremely unfair booking policies."  This is surprising in that the boats he cited have the exact (or nearly exact) printed releases for cancellation as that of the Aggressor Fleet.  ALL strongly suggest the purchase of trip insurance and ALL said that any variation from the printed policy would be on a one on one basis before the booking was made.

Clive mentions Ocean Hunter and the Big Blue Explorer in Palau.  Both are excellent and have their own specific advantages.  Ocean Hunter will only hold six guests while the Big Blue Explorer is just that.  "Big."  But both have the same safety record as that of the Palau Aggressor.

I am encouraging readers of this web site to refrain from jumping on the band wagon to slam the Aggressor Fleet as blanketly unsafe or unfair with their booking policies until they can report on their own particular experience.  The way to correct a situation for the divers behind us is to compare apples with apples. The "bad" Galapagos Aggressor I with the "good" Galapagos Aggressor II, the Odyssey versus the Thorfinn or the Truk Aggressor. By making this type of comparison we generate a little competetion between the boats for our business and make things better for all who follow us.

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