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Some countries don't have a true marine inspection service...

Captain Ken Elkins - Vessel Inspector/Former Aggressor Captain
August 6, 2002 at 04:06:18

Sorry folks, I've been away (due to a death in the family).  To restate my background, I am a retired USCG Marine Inspector (22 years there) and I am an insured commercial Marine Inspector and USCG licensed Captain and Engineer (been these for nearly 36 years now) and I am definitely not Wayne Hasson or Bret Gilliam (I do know Wayne though).

I guess I should "fess up" and let it be known that I was also a Captain for the Aggressor fleet (Bay Islands Aggressor ll & lll & lV, Cayman Aggressor lll & lV, Belize Aggressor ll & lll and the Turks and Caicos Aggressor) and I'm still in the Yacht Delivery and Marine surveying business in spite of my 63 years. Guess you know that to be an Aggressor Captain you must be a Scuba Instructor too.

Does this make me one of the "bad people"? Hope not cause my main concern is safety . . . may not look that way to some, but to those who have been on board with me know for sure that my goal is for their enjoyment coupled with their safety.

Sorry Captain James Norwalk . . . but I am the "real thing." I am not a "Phony" as you want to believe.

And Captain Ben Harris . . . Some countries don't have a true Marine Inspection Service. Belize, Honduras and Turks and Caicos for example. They rely on SOLAS (which, as a Captain of a "commercial passenger boat", you should know is a treaty signed by almost every maritime country in the world). For example, you can't bring a commercial boat from Bermuda to the US unless it meets SOLAS requirements. Cayman on the other hand operates on a more strict set of rules . . . the British. By the way, is your commercial boat a "six pak?" ie six or less passengers for hire. Do you hold a Master Oceans Unlimited, a 500 ton or are you just a boat operator? I'll gladly match my license(s) and other credentials with yours.  Is your boat "Documented" or State Numbered? The Turks and Caicos Aggressor is documented in Belize and the Kona Aggressor is documented in the US and it is inspected by the USCG (frequently).

What I was asking in my original post back on January 20th is "Is it just me or do others feel the same way?"  It looks like I got my answer by the response the post received. Realizing that, I apologize to Cyber Diver for my suspicions . . . however, I stand by everything else I said in my post and I remain convinced that there are literally thousands of divers who, like me and my family, have wonderful diving memories of our trips on liveaboards. And I'll still be the first one off (leading my group) if I believe the boat or it's operation to be unsafe.  Safe diving, Ken Elkins

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